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My Services

Newborn Care

I know bringing your new baby home is exciting, yet can be a little overwhelming so I am dedicated to make this precious time an easier transition for your family. I'll teach you everything you need to know about your newborn and provide you with soothing techniques, AAP health and safety recommend-ations, and healthy sleep habits that will promote optimal sleep for your baby.

I can help with all things baby related including but not limited to: bathing baby, umbilical & circumcision care, cutting nails, maintaining a detailed log of feedings and sleep, creating a daily routine, introduction of bottles if requested, stocking up nursery with baby essentials, baby laundry, washing & sterilizing pump equipment + bottles, and proper storage of breastmilk. 

I offer overnight, daytime, and 24hr care. My NCS services include breastfeeding support, if needed.

Lactation Support

Although breastfeeding is a natural process, it does not come naturally to everyone. Having a support system in place when you are beginning to breastfeed, can make a world of difference in helping a parent meet their breastfeeding goals.

I assist with common breastfeeding concerns such as: is my baby getting enough, breast and nipple pain or soreness, cracked or bleeding nipples, proper use of a nipple shield, positioning and latching, undersupply, oversupply, clogged ducts, and assistance with pumping 

As a lactation educator counselor, I address the breast- feeding concerns by evaluating a nursing session and assisting where parent and baby need help. If needed, I then create a personalized breastfeeding plan and follow up daily through email or text.

For more complex cases, I can refer parent to several amazing local International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.

Sleep Training

If you are having difficulties with helping your little one nap longer, getting baby to self-soothe and go back to sleep, creating an age appropriate nap schedule, or breaking bad unsafe sleep habits. I can help!

My goal is to help families successfully achieve their sleeping goals and see results that have changed their lives and their children’s sleeping skills. Because each child is different and all parents have their own expectations, each case is unique. I will work with you to come up with a plan that best suites your family.

To better assist you, I'll provide you with an intake form about your child's sleep habits and routine that you will fill out prior to working together. 

I offer 7 consecutive nights of overnight in person support or 5 days of phone/text support which includes a personalized sleep plan for your child.

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