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Amanda Kristina

Newborn Care Services

" Guiding Parents During the Fourth Trimester "

Amanda is a Los Angeles based Newborn Care Specialist, New Parent Educator, and Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor experienced with preemies, twins

and triplets.

What is a Newborn Care Specialist ?

A NCS is an individual trained and skilled in newborn care. She provides unique expertise in all aspects of newborn care, parental education and support.  Her job is to help nurture and care for newborns while providing guidance and education for the parents.

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About Me

Being the eldest of my siblings and cousins, I naturally took on a motherly role. Always wanting to take care of everyone younger than me. I remember growing up in LA, being eager to watch my mom teach Baby Care & Sibling Preparation classes at local hospitals in the late 90s. Babies and children fascinated me! I began working with children in my teen years as a babysitter for family and friends, then in 2005 while in college I worked as a nanny and a teacher's assistant at a local Child Development Center.

After having two children of my own, I realized how vital postpartum support was and that even though I had many years of working with babies and infants, I was still learning so much. Being a new mom and trying to figure out how to juggle this new chapter in my life while recovering from birth was a struggle, but thankfully I had a strong support system in place. I knew after my experiences, I wanted to be that support for other families and helping them navigate the early weeks of parenthood. Therefore, I changed my career path to the postpartum field with a focus on newborn care and lactation education.

In early 2017, I started my career as a Newborn Care Specialist and Lactation Educator Counselor. I've had the 

pleasure of caring for singletons, preemies, twins, and triplets all while ensuring their parents were well rested and feeling very confident in their parenting abilities. Some of my client's have never held a baby nor changed a diaper, so I make sure to involve parents in everything that I do. I also take pride in supporting breastfeeding moms overcome any obstacles that may arise once mom and baby are home. However, I also lovingly support families who choose to bottle feed or formula feed their babies.


My promise to you as your Newborn Care Specialist is to provide you with non-judgmental support, guidance, and education while you navigate the early months of parenthood.

My Training

  • Newborn Care Specialist- Newborn Care Solutions 

  • Certified Lactation Educator Counselor- UC San Diego

  • New Parent Educator- Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association 

  • Sleep Training Course- Summer's Sleep Secrets

  • Infant & Child CPR/First Aid Certified- American Heart Association 


My Services

Newborn Care

The primary role of a Newborn Care Specialist is to provide assistance and education after parents bring the baby home from the hospital. I offer overnight, day time or short term

live in support

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding, while totally natural, can be a challenging for some first time parents. I'm here to help you meet your breastfeeding goals! I'll travel to you and help you in the comfort of your own home.

Sleep Training

Is your baby still waking up every 2hrs at night? Are you about to return to work? Sleep consultations are tailored to each family’s unique needs and living situations. Overnight and mobile support available.  

Client Testimonials

"We wish she could stay with us forever, but we know her purpose is to touch the lives of many families. She rescued us and has given us the gift of sleep, and helped our family to find a happy rhythm. We are so excited for the next family who gets to have Amanda in their home. She is the best!"

Haley Behnam

Contact Me

Please feel free to send me a message if you would like to inquire about my services. Please include your location, due date, and what type of support you are looking for.

I look forward to chatting!

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